Server Solution

We have the methodology and process that is tailored to your unique business needs. We will recommend attributes and technology features that will benefit your business and seamlessly fit into your new or current storage environment. The amount of data in today's business environment is simply staggering. Video and digital media have become more and more essential to everyday business life.

Data Solution

Every IT needs scalable server infrastructure to keep up with business demands. LEADS will plan and implement an environment that runs business critical applications such as CBS (Core Banking Software), DB (Database), ERP, Email, Data-warehousing, Virtualization etc. as efficiently as possible while making easy work of managing, monitoring and protecting the estate.

Our experienced, certified virtualization specialists will harness the power of the latest blade server technologies to consolidate your infrastructure. Using a combination of high performance servers, energy-efficient rack solutions and/or blade enclosures and best-practice & up-to-date management tools, we can adapt the data center environment to meet your business needs and budget. We tune servers to your workloads to maximize the investment.

We use all our knowledge, expertise & experience to deliver the best infrastructure performance and enhanced operational efficiencies, allowing you to concentrate completely on your business and being confident, unworried that your server infrastructure investment is supporting your goals.

Virtualization technology is the foundation of business success, today and for the future because through the progression with time whole world is shifting towards software based environment from hardware based environment. This is software based environment is well defined by Cloud infrastructure the very root and platform of which is Virtualization. The client-server architecture of IT is rapidly giving way to a new virtual, mobile, cloud-sourced infrastructure model.

Our Assessments & Audits Report help you to create a baseline for your network architecture and a road map for future needs,Identifies and catalogues all IT equipment deployed in the network, creates an asset database. Identifies all end-of-sale and end-of-support components, analyses device configurations for security and network configuration best practices, determine security and downtime risk. Analyze/Audit business drawback & requirement and prepare audit report.

Our goal is to empower people and organizations by radically simplifying IT through virtualization software

By virtualizing computing—from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices—we help organizations become more agile, more responsive, and more profitable. By finding new ways to solve complex IT problems, we empower you with the agility to leverage flexible infrastructure and automation, speeding delivery of new services to your organization.

With VMware’s virtualized infrastructure, you can respond quickly to the demands of today’s competitive, fast-changing environment. And all with an unprecedented degree of control over how you securely manage IT resources—without sacrificing choice, across any application, on any cloud, for any device. The result goes straight to your bottom line. Driven by VMware software and solutions, the efficient use of hardware and human resources significantly reduces IT costs—both CapEx and OpEx—resulting in lower TCO than any competing offering, helping IT drive the profitability of your organization.

So, right away start saving and maximize on underutilized server hardware, unnecessary datacenter space, and excessive power and cooling costs with our expertise to design, manage and implement at highly efficient systems consolidation for your IT infrastructure. Take one step further by embracing the concept of Virtualization and enjoy the luxury of fully utilizing your current resources and the ability to grow your IT infrastructure with almost no additional hardware cost.