Cisco Contact Center Express

Enhanced Web Chat – Better customer care experience with additional channel – Multiple session capability allows better productivity Cisco Finesse Enhancements – Multiline and Extension mobility for agent productivity

Cisco Contact Center Enterprise

Cisco Unified Mobile Agent uses a pair of CTI ports that function as proxies for the mobile agent phone (or endpoint) and the caller phone (or endpoint). Two CTI ports

IP Telephony, Video Conferencing

From enterprise email and messaging to cutting-edge video conferencing and telepresence solutions, we’ve got communication covered. Learn more about our custom solutions.

Voice Logger, Screen Capturing

KnoahSoft Harmony real-time call center monitoring software provides real-time, web-based silent monitoring and on-demand call recording that empowers authorized users to listen to agent calls, record calls, capture screens, and

Router, Switch, Firewall

A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. Routers perform the A virtual firewall (VF) is a network firewall service or appliance running entirely

Server, Storage, Virtualization

High-Rely network appliances that feature Reverse Cloud Backup are available in storage capacities up to 48TB on NetSwap models, and 72TB on RAIDFrame models. The NetSwap backup NAS device utilizes

IT Security

Computer security, also known as cybersecurity or IT security, is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on

Data Warehousing, BI, ERP

The use of new technologies undoubtedly contributes to improved efficiency of supply chain management. Supply chain management (SCM) focuses on the inter-organizational management of goods flows between independent companies in


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There are many operating systems in the world,But when it comes to choosing one from these is a difficult one,To get a simplified answer. You Just Need to follow the

Online UPS

VRLA Type Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free / Tubular / Flat Tubular / Nickel

Precision Air Cooling

In most server rooms "close control air conditioning" systems, also known as PAC (precision air conditioning) systems, are installed. These systems control temperature, humidity and particle filtration within tight tolerances

Structured Cabling System

Our company can design a complete system with cable and associated hardware, providing solution for the telecommunication structure such as data, digital, telephone service and more.

Bandwidth Optimization, Load Balancer

As reliance on the WAN as a major instrument of business grows at the rate it has over the past few years, its importance has become a prime factor. All

EMV, Card Printer, Central Issuance

HST provides a complete software solution for Smart Card and EMV. HST software suite contains tools for smartcard applet, EMV Issuance, EMV Script Processing, EMV Authentication, EMV Kernel. HST applications


ATM and used to produce counterfeit cards for subsequent fraudulent cash withdrawals. The customer sees a normal transaction and retains the card.

Note Sorting Machine

A whole new dimension of intelligence to cash handling in banking & financial institutions. A byword for efficiency and reliability, each machine helps in improving customer service by