Entrust Authority™ Administration Services

Administration Services is a web-based application that enables delegated and distributed administration of the Entrust Authority Security Manager PKI with end-to-end security by enforcing all administrative transactions to be digitally signed.

Entrust Authority™ Auto-enrollment Server

Auto-enrollment Server is an optional add-on to Entrust Authority Security Manager that, together with Entrust Entelligence™ Security Provider for Windows®, introduces the capability to automatically enroll users and computers with the public-key infrastructure for managed certificates when using a Windows® platform.

Entrust Authority™ Roaming Server

Roaming Server allows users to log in and have secure access to sensitive information – from any location – without having to carry the PKI digital IDs necessary to establish a secure connection.

Entrust Authority Security Manager Proxy

Security Manager Proxy allows customers to communicate with a PKI Certification Authority (CA) over the Internet, without making changes to existing firewall settings.

Entrust Authority™ Enrollment Server for Web

This server works with Entrust Authority Security Manager to issue public-key infrastructure digital certificates to applications and devices.

Entrust Authority™ Enrollment Server for VPN

This server works with Entrust Authority Security Manager to issue digital certificates to VPN gateways, remote access clients and routers from a wide range of industry leading vendors.

Authentication & Identity Assurance Solutions

LEADS Corporation Ltd. is selling Multifactor Authentication, Physical/Logical Access, Digital Certificates & Signatures, and Identity Based Security as a Gold partner of Entrust Datacard.

Authentication & Identity Assurance Solutions

The Entrust Identity Guard software authentication platform provides more than a simple one-step means of protecting the world’s largest and most respected enterprises, governments and financial institutions. Entrust’sstrong authentication platform enables identity-based security to safeguard access to sensitive information and intellectual property for employees, partners and customers. Solve challenges related to specific use cases, such as physical and logical access, or mobile security. Capitalize on mobile and smartcard technology to add additional security measures to a given environment. 

Entrust Identity Guard

Entrust Identity Guard is an award-winning software authentication platform that helps financial institutions, governments and enterprises issue, manage and authenticate identities to safeguard physical, logical, mobile and cloud access. The solution integrates with today’s leading mobile platforms and is extensible for future requirements.

Entrust Mobile Security

Organizations are ready to leverage the power and convenience of mobile devices as easy-to-use authenticators, even as core components of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy, or to defeat malware that’s attempting to infiltrate from the online channel.
Whether for simple soft tokens on mobile devices, more advanced app security, transaction-signing capabilities, or the innovative Entrust Mobile Smart Credential, Entrust’s mobile security solutions help organizations bolster security, reduce costs, stop malware and improve end-user adoption.

Entrust Mobile Credential

Entrust’s innovative mobile application transforms a mobile device into a virtual smartcard, eliminating the need for physical smartcards or hardware-based one-time passcodes (OTP). It’s core to Entrust’s broad mobile security portfolio that both secures and leverages the mobile enterprise. This layered, two-pronged approach helps secure mobile identities through the use of device certificates, mobile device management (MDM) integration, as well as transparent monitoring and authentication.

Entrust Manager Service PKI

Public key infrastructure, more commonly known as PKI, serves as one of the most respected forms of strong authentication available. Digital certificates, as well as respective PKI solutions, are often a prerequisite for securing high-value transactions, authenticating identities and communicating sensitive information online. Deployed and issued properly, digital certificates secure or authenticate a wide range of identities or applications already in use within an organization. Gain this ability quickly, with predictable up-front costs and without the need for in-house PKI expertise. Entrust Managed Services PKI helps you leverage the convenience of a full PKI without an expensive upfront investment, in-house experts or need for secure facilities.

Entrust Datacard collaborates with customers to create highly secure financial card programs and government ID initiatives, as well as secure ID programs for education, corporate security and many other markets. Building on a 40-year heritage of customer success, Datacard remains the industry's best selling brand of secure ID and card personalization solutions. Every day, these solutions are used to personalize and deliver more than 10 million cards and five million smart cards, including more than 90 percent of the world's payment cards. In Bangladesh, LEADS Corporation has been representing Entrust Datacard since 1996. By this time, Entrust Datacard has established a strong footprint in Financial, Government and Education arena. Moreover, there is a group of trained up engineers to deliver professional support and service to your Entrust Datacardequipment. This will ultimately enhance your productivity and reduce the cost of ownership.

Datacard offers solution for the following arena.

 •    EMV Solutions<br>
 •    Instant Issuance<br>
 •    Secured identity Solution like Passport, Driver license, National ID etc.<br>
 •    Central Issuance (High volume card issuance machines for financial or non-financial market)<br>
 •    Desktop Solutions for Financial  and Non-Financial sector (Plastic Card Printer and Embosser for financial cards like Debit, Credit, Proprietary, Pre-Paid cards. And Non-Financial like School ID, Office ID, membership ID)

Plastic Card Printer

Instantly issue compelling, high-quality payment cards and advanced secure IDs that maximize cardholder satisfaction. Expect easy operation, proven performance and cost-effective results. There are wide ranges and various models of Datacard printers and embossers for financial and non-financial card solutions.
For details please visit:

Desktop Card Embosser

Personalize embossed credit, debit and ATM cards, patient ID cards and other high-quality cards right from the desktop, conveniently and affordably.For details please visit:

Central Issuance

Get a complete card-to-envelope solution for your high-volume card issuance. Produce dynamic, highly personalized financial cards and secure IDs with superior speed and uptime. Use a range of innovative technologies to engage cardholders and maximize security. Additionally leverage a Datacard Card Delivery system to generate creative mailings that capture customer attention and build lasting relationships. There are wide ranges and various models of central Issuance systems. For detail see the link:

Instant Issuanc

The traditional model for centralized credit and debit card issuance is well established. Larger issuers tend to build efficient, high-volume operations and distribute cards through the mail after consumers have successfully completed application processes for new or replacement cards. Small issuers tend to outsource their programs to high-volume service bureaus and follow the same general “centralized” process. From end-to-end, the process of personalizing and mailing cards, assigning PINs and activating cards typically takes more than a week. In recent years, however, there has been an emerging trend towards instantly issuing and personalizing payment cards at the branch or retail location, complementing the traditional central issuance distribution model. An instant issuance deployment moves this process to the branch level. Consumers walk into the branch and provide application information to a staff member, which is entered into a software program that drives both the approval and the card personalization process. Consumers typically choose a card design, which can include personal photos, cobranded logos and other meaningful design features. Readyto-use, fully activated cards are printed instantly and handed directly to the consumer — and consumers are immediately able to use their permanent cards to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs. Instant issuance can be utilized for both new accounts and emergency card replacements, and in many cases, financial institutions will create a hybrid infrastructure that combines both central issuance and instant issuance. Datacard® instant issuance solutions have been deployed at over 25,000 locations worldwide — across banking, retail and government environments — and at some of the biggest names in the financial world.


Financial institutions that have implemented instant issuance are seeing positive change in expected metrics — and some unexpected — and expanding their financial instant issuance programs is now a key part of their business strategy. Here’s why: ENHANCED CONSUMER EXPERIENCE Instant issuance meets consumers’ instant expectations and transforms their in-branch experience in a number of significant ways. For prospective accountholders, an instantly activated, highly personalized and ready-to-use card is a major differentiator. Existing customers will recognize the value of instant issuance in emergency card replacement situations, whether replacing a lost, damaged or stolen card, or responding to increasingly common data breaches and identity theft. Instant issuance offers an immediate solution for emergency card replacement, establishing a bank as a consumer advocate and dramatically enhancing the bank’s brand at a critical time. Instant issuance also helps offset the increased demands on central issuance operations during an emergency card replacement situation. SECURE ISSUANCE Dual sign-in and data encryption provide strong access controls for instant issuance systems, even allowing the instant issuance of secure PINs. These controls prevent the printing of fraudulent cards or the unauthorized issuance of PINs — even if a machine is stolen. Advanced security technology enables full audit reporting and is compliant with the latest industry security standards, including Visa and MasterCard instant issuance standards and certification as a PCI PA-DSS solution. IMPROVE ISSUANCE PORTFOLIO PERFORMANCE Instant issuance brings immediate benefits to the financial institutions, as well. Inbranch activation at the time of card issuance increases activation rates, increasing card usage and reducing downtime in re-issuance situations. This also helps establish top-of-wallet placement, as customers come to trust that their card will always be immediately available.