Application Training

Advanced Python 3 Programming

BITM And LEADS Training & Consulting Ltd. jointly Organize this Training.

In this training course, you gain the skills to achieve rapid development cycles, faster time-to-market, and lower cost of maintenance by developing applications using Python's language features, standard library modules, and third-party software packages.

Content Outline

1 - An Introduction to Python
A Brief History of Python Python Versions
Installing Python
Environment Variables
Executing Python from the Command Line
Editing Python Files
Python Documentation
Getting Help
Dynamic Types
Python Reserved Words
Naming Conventions

2 - Basic Python Syntax
Basic Syntax Comments
String Values
String Methods
The format Method
String Operators
Numeric Data Types
Conversion Functions
Simple Input and Output The % Method
The print Function

3 - Language Components
Indenting Requirements
The if Statement
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Bit Wise Operators
The while Loop
break and continue
The for Loop

4 - Collections
Tuples Sets Dictionaries
Sorting Dictionaries
Copying Collections

5 - Functions
Defining Your Own Functions
Function Documentation
Keyword and Optional
Passing Collections to a Function
Variable Number of Arguments Scope
Functions - "First Class Citizens"
Passing Functions to a Function
Mapping Functions in a Dictionary
Inner Functions


6 - Modules
Standard Modules - sys
Standard Modules - math
Standard Modules - time
The dir Function

7 - Exceptions
Run Time Errors
The Exception Model
Exception Hierarchy
Handling Multiple Exceptions raise
Writing Your Own Exception Classes

8 - Input and Output
Data Streams
Creating Your Own Data Streams
Access Modes
Writing Data to a File
Reading Data From a File
Additional File Methods
Using Pipes as Data Streams
Handling IO Exceptions
Working with Directories Metadata
The pickle Module

9.Implementing Classes and Objects
Declaring and modifying objects
Encapsulating attributes and methods in classes
Initializing objects with constructors
Accessing and modifying attributes with methods
Overloading operators
Inheritance and polymorphism
Reusing functionality through inheritance
Extending methods from base classes
Overriding methods for dynamic behavior
Tracing the scope in the namespace
Enhancing functionality with class decorators

10 Web Application Development with DJANGO Framework

Installing Django

Creating a Project

Creating Our First App

Overview of a Basic App


Database Setup

Creating Models

Activating Models

Database API

Filtering Database Results

Admin Interface

Writing Another View

Connecting to the Database


Render Template Shortcut

Raising a 404 HTTP Error

Adding data to our Database

Related Objects Set

Designing the Details Template

Removing Hardcoded URLs

Namespace and HTTP 404 Shortcut

Simple Form

Adding Forms to the Template

Favorite View Function


Bootstrap and Static Files

Navigation Menu

Finishing the Navigation Menu

Creating a Base Template

Generic Views

Model Forms

ModelForm and CreateView

UpdateView and DeleteView

Upload Files

User Registration

User Model and Creating Accounts

User Authentication and Login


Participants will learn
  • Rapidly develop feature-rich applications from Python's built-in statements, functions, and collection types
  • Structure code with classes, modules, and packages that leverage OO features
  • Create multiple data accessory to manage various data storage formats
  • Develop dynamic, platform-independent GUIs and data-driven web applications







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