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Basic Electrical Design for Buildings with AutoCad
Course Description

This course provides participants with all the necessary skills and knowledge to design electrical installations and also to operate and maintain these installations with the help of local and international standards and codes. It covers basic training of electrical design including Lighting and Illumination, Lighting Fixture calculation, Lighting Fixture layout, Conduit layout, Cable selection, Breaker selection, Single Line Diagram, BOQ preparation etc. along with basic autocad knowledge.

This course consists of several design exercises for the candidates to carry out, which will help them to evaluate and explore the process of design and make them confident to design electrical distribution system independently.

Course Objective

From this course, the candidates will have the knowledge to design electrical distribution system in Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, and Industrial Buildings and in similar places. They will be able to conduct the verification as well as the inspection of any electrical installation.

This course is industry-oriented and will make the participants ready for working in industries. They will also be highly valued by Engineering Design firms as they will not require any additional training after joining there.

Course Outline

#1 Fixture Layout with Lighting and Illumination Design-

In this chapter, participants will learn about the types of lighting fixtures, selection of lighting fixtures according to requirement, illumination level, lighting calculation and the method of lighting layout. Also they will have the knowledge to make the layout of other electrical fixtures.

#2 Electrical Load Calculation-

From this chapter the participants will learn how to calculate the total load of a building in kW, in kVA and in Amperes.

#3 Electrical Conduit Layout-

This topic covers conduit layout of electrical wiring for light, fan, switch board, socket-outlets, machine power point etc. Also the calculation of conduit size is a discussion point here.

#4 Single Line Diagram-

This topic provides information on how to draw the complete circuit diagram from Main Source to each load point with load calculation, protective conductor size and breaker specification with selected protection level and with protective earthing layout.

 #5 Lightning Protection Design-

This topic includes the discussion on the complete electrical diagram showing the surge path having the specification of Copper Air Terminals, Copper Cables, Copper Clad Ground Rods and surge suppressors.

#6 BOQ Preparation-

After completion of this topic, the participants will be able to document the quantity of each item required for the electrical installation in a building mentioning specification of each individual electrical item like lighting fixtures, cables, circuit breakers, lightning arrestor, fuses etc.


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