Application Training

Hands-on Game Development, with UNITY 3D

Participants will learn the basic roots of starting career in game development. They will get the idea of making a game starting from 3D Designing, Graphics design, Animation, Sound Producing, Marketing, Testing, Publishing, Planning, and many more. This Program will also create the design of versatile creativity in Bangladesh


The program is conducted by interactive sessions based upon experiential learning methodology through simulation, Video clips, activities and exercises, group interaction, case studies, PPT and discussions. The course includes regular discussion, mock sessions, presentations and other practical exercises to develop and practice the skills and methods presented.

Who Should Attend?

Anybody interested in Game Development in IT

Content Outline


Introduction on Games Development. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 2

Tools need to make Games. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 3 (3D Development)

Basic knowledge of 3D Design (Google Sketch up) (2 Hours)

Lecture- 4

Project (Class Room) Google Sketch up. (2 hours)

Lecture- 5

Intermediate tools of Google Sketch up. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 6

Project (Small City part- 1) (2 Hours)

Lecture- 7

Project (Small City part- 2) (2 Hours)

Lecture- 8

Advance Design on Google Sketch up. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 9

Project (Hill + Urban Design)Shadow, V-Ray (2 Hours)

Lecture- 10

How to Import, Export models in Sketch up with Warehouse, Count triangles, Centre group. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 11

Basic knowledge of Blender. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 12

Designing on Blender. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 13

Edit Objects, Texturing, Materials. (2 Hours)

 Lecture- 14

Lighting, Particles, Modifiers. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 15

Animation, E.g., Character Design, Rigging. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 16

Blender Project -1 (2 Hours)


Blender Project – 2 (2 Hours)

Lecture- 18

Basic Knowledge of Photoshop. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 19

Photoshop CS6 Part Last. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 20

Introduction to unity Engine(Installation of Unity Engine)  (2 Hours)

Lecture- 21

Tools of Unity. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 22

Object Design in Unity. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 23

Lights in Unity, Image Effects, Camera Tools. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 24

Terrain Design in Unity. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 25

Programming in Unity Part-  1 (2 Hours)

Lecture- 26

Programming in Unity Part- 2 (2 Hours)

Lecture- 27

Programming in Unity Part- 3 (2 Hours)

Lecture- 28

Programming in Unity with UI/ UX Design. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 29

Structure of 2D Game Development Unity Part- 1. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 30

Structure of 2D Game Development Unity Part- 2. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 31

Structure of 3D Game Development Unity Part- 1. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 32

Structure of 3D Game Development Unity Part- 2. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 33

Building Android Mobile Apps (APK) how to set up unity for Androids Games. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 34

Building Games for PC. (2 Hours)
 Lecture- 35

Testing your Game, How to make Setup files for PC version, Optimization Analysis, Version Checking, Sounds for Games. (2 Hours)

Lecture- 36

Marketing for your Game, Including Digital Marketing Components. (2 Hours)





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