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Managing Software Projects

BITM And LEADS Training & Consulting Ltd. jointly organize this Training

Workshop will follow the a practitioner's approach which will learn the management techniques required to plan,organize, monitor, and control software projects. Following questions will addressed in the training session--

• How must people, process, and problem be managed during a software project?

• How can software metrics be used to manage a software project and the software process?

• How does a software team generate reliable estimates of effort, cost, and project duration?

• What techniques can be used to assess the risks that can have an impact on project success?

• How does a software project manager select a set of software engineering work tasks?

• How is a project schedule created?

• Why are maintenance and reengineering so important for both software engineering managers and practitioners?

Course Outline


  • 1. Project Management Concept
  • 2. Process and Project Metrics
  • 3. Estimation for Software Projects
  • 4. Project Activity & Scheduling
  • 5. Risk in Software Project
  • 6. Maintenance and Reengineering

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