Product & Solution

Build business, increase revenue, improve customer service, reduce risks, and stay compliant. All while keeping costs to a minimum. Whether you are a regional or local player, all financial institutions have these challenges on their to-do lists today. Where to start? Smart institutions are looking to integrate and automate their systems, and streamline treasury operations as much as possible. This way, you can create a platform for cost-effective growth and unlock new opportunities across the organization.

This is where Xchequer can help. Delivering transparency, flexibility and functionality on a single platform, it makes treasury operations more cost-effective, increasing overall profitability. It features regional, country and local capabilities, flexible and rapid deployment options as well as online client portal capabilities. Xchequer is built on more than 25 years of software market in bank industry and back office experience. With unsurpassed straight-through processing (STP) capabilities, it covers all aspects of a bank’s treasury operations, from deal inception through to settlement and accounting. It enables banks to manage risk more effectively, consolidate systems, reduce costs and focus their attention on client needs.

Solution Overview

The Xchequeris specifically designed to meet and exceed the standard required by today’s treasury management for banks and non-banks institution. The Xchequer solution handles very complex business requirements of treasury management and combines efficiency and reliability of service with sound position maintenance and intraday liquidity management facilities.

The solution is based on modern web technology, using Enterprise architecture and components combined with RDBMS and PKI based security. The open architecture and the open standards simplify integration with other financial systems. Since the system is Microsoft .Net based, it can run on a wide choice of hardware and databases, and can be implemented, maintained and when necessary enhanced with efficiency. The software architecture allows for maximum hardware platform independence that benefits the overall Xchequer interface solution from both a cost and a reliability perspective.

The modern architecture and flexible tools of the Xchequer makes it easier to optimize the cash flows, to enable flexible STP and to enhance liquidity management facilities necessary for the oversight and execution of monetary policy. Leads Corporation Limited offers “Xchequer” - An Active Treasury Management Solution which can be integrated with any CBS using its own middleware named X-connect. The proposed solution will integrate various systems inside the bank (e.g. CBS) and meet requirements of front office, mid office and back office of treasury and international divisions including central bank reporting.