AML Solution

AML Solution


S3 Compliance

A comprehensive set of features ensures you get the right fit, integrating AML and Central Bank compliance seamlessly with your existing business processes and systems. You’ll stay compliant and on top of the latest regulatory changes without needless impact on your front- or back-office operations.

Sanction Screening minimizes the impact on your business processes with sophisticated, time-saving matching algorithms, intelligent automation workflows, robust management and audit controls, and expert-level content.


Sophisticated, yet extremely easy-to-use Sanction screening algorithms and workflows
Simultaneous ultra-fast screening against all Sanction lists, comprehensive user settings, and low false positive hit ratios, easy to read results: these are just some of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology.
Expedite the compliance process with constant global access
Available 24X7 with any branch access facility.
Search dozens of Sanctioned Parties lists simultaneously
The most comprehensive screening service is now at your fingertips. It include lists of Specially Designated Nationals, sanctioned and embargoed countries, and more from the central bank. We also include lists from the U.N. and other international organizations lists from law enforcement agencies.
Stay on top of new regulations by Central Bank
Access to cumulative list of all recent sanction documents, providing you with the most up-to-date information plus the ability to dive deep into government regulations should the need arise.
Conclusively prove due diligence in case of government investigation
A detailed, easy-to-access audit log report maintains records, so you’ll never need to worry about demonstrating your intent to comply.