Booth Banking (Sub Branch Banking)

Booth Banking

BUbooth is a Booth Banking (Sub Branch Banking) Software  which enables banks to offer Booth Banking services to its clients outside traditional banking units. Booth Banking operation is characterized by banks availing almost all of its services through a much smaller office space and employees where every booth is under the close supervision of one of the banks fully operative traditional branches. All the Booth branches are to be considered as an extended part of the controlling branch. Without a doubt BUbooth is fully compliant with Bangladesh Bank’s circular (BRPD Circular Letter no. 28).

  • Fully Compliant with Bangladesh Bank’s BRPD Circular Letter no. 28
  • Accounts opened in a booth are fully synchronized with its controlling branch.
  • Transactions in a booth are included to the controlling branch’s book of accounts
  • Supports real time banking transactions with the ability to provide instant SMS notification and digital receipt to customer
  • Fully capable of maintaining policies relevant to KYC
  • Follows Vault Management System including insurance coverage
  • Allows to regulate booth transaction limit
  • Booth transaction time can be administered
  • Can integrate with the anti-money laundering system
  • Foreign exchange transactions can be restricted from booth


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