Capital Market Solution

Capital Market Solution



Development of capital markets and new technologies supporting them are accompanied by deep regulatory changes, new business models and rising client expectations. Comprehensive and transparent reporting on clients’ investment results also becomes a necessity. ‘CAPITA’ provides institutions operating on capital markets with modern tools allowing to meet all these requirements and effectively manage clients’ assets. It covers both stock brokers and portfolio management operations in every day basis.


Investor Management with KYC
Transaction Profile (TP) Management
Trade Management
Dynamic Netting & Settlement
Dynamic Formula Based on Parameter
Financial Transaction
CDBL Integration
DSE & CSE Integration
Portfolio Management
BDA Auto Allocation
Model Portfolio Construction & Comparison
Dynamic Charges & Margin Facility
Role Based Security & Portfolio Restriction Facility
Integrated Accounting
Cheque Inventory Management
Budget Management
Fixed Asset Management
Liability Management
Vendor Management
Agent Management
Audit Trail & Activity Tracking
Multi Layer Approval Facility
Email Service Based on Priority Investors
Multi Tabbing Facility
Add on Services (SMS & iCapita)

Capita Technology

Programming Language: Java
Application Framework: Oracle ADF
Architectural Framework: MVC Fusion
Application Server: Web Logic
Database: Oracle
Reporting Tool: BI Publisher
OS: Platform Independent
Browser: Browser Independent