Cash Management Solution

The State-of-The-Art machines havae been developed based on an in-depth analysis of banknote handling processes to lower the operator’s burden and complication. They are equipped with a variety of NEW and exciting features for smoother, more efficient, and continuous processing of Bangladesh currencies. These will ultimately optimize your work process as well as dramatically reduce your processing expenses.

Cash Sorting Machine

Higher Work Efficiency and Lower TCO 

UW-500 (With 4 stackers and 2 reject stackers)

Superb Authentication​

Banknote handling machines must deliver both high efficiency and a combination of speed and accuracy. GLORY’s UW-500 offers High Tech Fitness Sorting Sensors and Superb Authentication Sensors while processing at a remarkably high rate of speed of 720 notes per minute.

Fewer Re-Sorting Steps​

The UW-500 is equipped with four slackers. This allows diverse sorting and arrangement patterns for each banknote setting operation, and reduces the number of re-sorting steps required by machines with fewer slackers.

Higher Efficiency for Continuous, Large -Volume Processing​

UW-500 slackers hold up to 500 banknotes. This significantly increases efficiency and speed while continuously processing a large volume of banknotes, reducing the frequency of stopping and starting.

Lower incidence of feeding issues of due to poor quality banknotes

The large-capacity hopper holds 1 ,000 banknotes. Thanks to the Assisted Feeding Mechanism the hopper reliably feeds one note at a time to prevent jamming or high rejects due to double feeding. The open-type hopper lets you keep an eye on the banknote feeding process so you can add more notes in continuous large-volume deposits.

Online Real-Time CDM

Unleash Your Branch Efficiency

High volume cash organizing and managing intelligently becomes critical for Banks. We put our knowledge, experience and expertise of around last 30 (thirty) years across Bangladesh Banking industry together with Masterwork Automodule’s (MA) concept and design towards developing solutions that answer the needs of today’s fintech driven Banking. This solution for allowing you to:

  • Teller Automation – Eliminate the time and costs associated with the complicated manual handling of cash, CDM is capable to accept all denominations ranging from BDT 2 to 1000 similar level of fitness recognized by a teller.
  • Instant cash deposit and immediate credit of cash in the users’ account.
  • No need to fill deposit slips and to stand in long queue at the cash counter.
  • Enhance branch efficiencies redirecting lower value depositors to CDM. Branches can well serve high value customers.
  • Cash positions of Online CDMs can be monitored centrally or branch wise. This will help you to manage CIT (Cash in Transit) vehicles in efficient way while collecting cash.
  • 24/7 Online (operational hours).
  • Depositors even needn’t to worry regarding arranging cash in the pocket. They can simply cash in CDM with mix of different denominations, machine will accept recognizing each note with the serial number.
  • Your worry for fake notes is over. This CDM easily recognizes fake notes.
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