Cash Sorting Machine

Cash Sorting Machine

Cash Sorting Machine – Higher Work Efficiency and Lower TCO


UW-500 (With 4 stackers and 2 reject stackers)

Superb Authentication
Banknote handling machines must deliver both high efficiency and a combination of speed and accuracy. GLORY’s UW-500 offers High Tech Fitness Sorting Sensors and Superb Authentication Sensors while processing at a remarkably high rate of speed of 720 notes per minute.
Fewer Re-Sorting Steps
The UW-500 is equipped with four slackers. This allows diverse sorting and arrangement patterns for each banknote setting operation, and reduces the number of re-sorting steps required by machines with fewer slackers.
Higher Efficiency for Continuous, Large -Volume Processing
UW-500 slackers hold up to 500 banknotes. This significantly increases efficiency and speed while continuously processing a large volume of banknotes, reducing the frequency of stopping and starting.
Lower incidence of feeding issues of due to poor quality banknotes
The large-capacity hopper holds 1 ,000 banknotes. Thanks to the Assisted Feeding Mechanism the hopper reliably feeds one note at a time to prevent jamming or high rejects due to double feeding. The open-type hopper lets you keep an eye on the banknote feeding process so you can add more notes in continuous large-volume deposits.