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Online Course: PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam Preparation

Last Date of Registration: 25 June,2021
Start Date: 26 June, 2021
Time: Friday, Saturday (06:00 PM – 09:00 PM)
Regular Course Fee: 15,000.00 TK
Discounted Fee: 8662 TK.
Online Batch: 03
Total Hours: 40
Contact: 01847179477,01811448063, 01811449483

Course Overview:

If you are taking this course, you probably have some professional exposure to the duties of a project manager, or you may be considering embarking on a career in professional project management. Your ability as a project manager to demonstrate best practices in project management-both on the job and through professional certification-is becoming the standard to compete in today’s fast-paced and highly technical workplace.

demonstrate best practices in project management-both on the job and through professional certifs Project managers who have proven skills and expertise can find exciting, high-visibility opportunities in a wide range of fields. This course is specifically designed to provide you with the proven, practical body of project management knowledge and skills that you need to demonstrate project management mastery on the job. Additionally, this course can be a significant part of your preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Exam. The skills and knowledge you gain in this course will help you avoid making costly mistakes and increase your competitive edge in the project management profession.

Course Objectives:

  • Get started with project management fundamentals.
  • Identify organizational influences and project life cycle.
  • Work with project management processes.
  • Initiate a project.
  • Plan a project.
  • Plan for project time management.
  • Plan project budget, quality, and communications.
  • Plan for risk, procurements, and stakeholder management.
  • Execute a project.
  • Manage project work, scope, schedules, and cost.
  • Control a project.
  • Close a project.

Who should Attend?

This PMP training is specially designed for:

  • Project Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Directors
  • Engineers
  • Project sponsors
  • Planning Engineers
  • Project coordinators
  • Business Executives
  • Operations Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • IT project Managers
  • Bankers

The training is suitable for individuals and project team members interested in obtaining the PMP Certification.


Familiarity with project management concepts and some working experience with project management are required.

Content :

Module 1: Introduction of a Project and Project Management

    • Educational, Professional Eligibility and PMP Exam Overview (Question Type and Marking)
    • Think like PMI (PMI-ism) while preparing for the exam.
    • Purpose of PMBOK and definition of a Project.
    • What is Project and Project Management? Importance of Project Management
    • Relationship among project, program and portfolio and management of these
    • Diverse Project lifecycles, Distinguish between Projects and Operations
    • Project Management Framework, Project Stakeholders, Project Team
    • Diverse Organization Types with advantage and disadvantages
    • Organizational Process Assets and Enterprise Environmental Factors
    • PLC Vs. PMLC
    • Project Management process groups and Project management knowledge area
    • Mapping between Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Groups

Module 2: Project Initiation and Integration Management

    • Short Quiz on Introduction
    • Developing Project Charter – Creating Project Charter, High Level Risk, Budget, Constraints, Assumptions, etc.
    • Few Important Concepts for the Exam: PV- Present value, FV – Future value, NPV- Net Present Value, ROI – Return of Investment, IRR – Internal Rate of Return, Diverse depreciation types, payback period, BCR – Benefit Cost Ratio)
    • Develop PMP – Project Management Plan and subsidiary/child plans
    • Direct and Manage Project Work – Directing and managing project executions, creating deliverables and executing CRs
    • Manage Project Knowledge – Developing lesson learned register based on the experience from the diverse processes.
    • Monitor and control project work – Monitoring and controlling overall project progress, assessing performance and forecasting.
    • Perform integrated change control – Manage and control changes through change/configuration control process
    • Close project – Closing a phase or a project

Module 3: Project Scope Management

    • Quiz on project integration management
    • Plan Scope Management – How will the overall scope and requirements of the project be managed (defined, validated and controlled)
    • Collect Requirements – How to collect requirements and create requirements documentation
    • Define Scope – How to define scopes from the collected requirements of a project
    • Create WBS – Creating a WBS from the defined scope
    • Validate Scope – Validate the scopes with the respective stakeholders through deliverables
    • Control Scope – Control overall project scope, scope creep, gold plating and preventing unnecessary changes.

Module 4: Project Schedule Management 

    • Quiz on Scope management
    • Plan Schedule Management – How the schedule of a project will be developed, monitored and controlled.
    • Define Activities – Define activities from the lower level of WBS
    • Sequence Activities – Determine dependencies and sequence activities
    • Estimate Activity Durations – Estimate duration of the activities considering the assigned resources
    • Develop Schedule – How to develop a schedule of a project?
    • Detailed discussion and practice on diverse estimation and scheduling tools and techniques (PERT, CPM (backward pass, forward pass, lead lag, free float,  total float)
    • Control Schedule – Controlling a project schedule

Module 5: Project Cost Management

    • Plan Cost Management – How the budget and cost of a project is managed, monitored and controlled
    • Cost Estimating & Budgeting – Cost estimation with diverse estimating techniques
    • Cost Monitoring & Control – Monitor and control overall project cost, measure performance through earned value management
    • Detailed discussion on Earned Value Management (SV, CV, SPI, CPI ; – EAC , ETC) and  other formulas (TCPI) to forecast project cost and achieve expected performances
    • Practice questions to clear understanding

Module 6: Quality Management

    • Quiz on Cost management
    • Important Concept, Definitions and definition of quality, Cost of Quality
    • Plan Quality Management – Identifying and planning quality requirements for a project and how the project will demonstrate the compliance with the requirements
    • Detailed discussion and understanding of the Diverse Quality Standards and Tools
    • Manage Quality – Ensure project quality through the necessary Audits and Tools
    • Control Quality – What is quality inspection, what does quality control mean and relevant tools
    • Discussion and understanding on difference between quality assurance and quality control

Module 7: HR Management

    • Quiz on Quality management
    • Plan Human Resource Management – Discuss diverse organization charts, Roles and responsibilities, staffing plan and training plan
    • Estimate Activity Resources – Estimate resources to perform the defined activities
    • Acquire Resources – Acquiring project team members from cross functional teams, vendors, acquire/ensure pre-assigned resources and required experts resources through negotiation.
    • Develop Team – Training, team building activities, reward recognitions, team performance assessments etc.
    • Manage Team – Overall project performance appraisals, Leadership styles of a Project Manager, Conflict resolution
    • Diverse Motivation Theories
    • Control Resources – Ensure resources are assigned to project as planned and monitoring planned Vs actual utilization and taking necessary corrective actions

Module 8: Communication Management

    • Quiz on HR management
    • Plan Communication – How the overall project communication will be mapped, happened, and controlled
    • Monitor and Control Project Communications: Diverse communication Types / Methods, Communication Channel and Communication Process

Module 9: Risk Management

    • Quiz on Communication management
    • Plan Risk Management – How risks and issues of the project will be managed
    • Identify Risk – Identifying potential risks
    • Qualitative Risk Analysis – Analyze the probability and impact of the identified risks and define risk exposer
    • Quantitative Risk Analysis – Analyze quantitative values (monetary) of the identified risks
    • Plan Risk Response – Plan suitable responses/mitigation strategy against the identify risks
    • Implement Risk Responses – Implementation of responses that has been planned against identified risks
    • Control Risk – Monitor the risks, measure performance and exposers, apply reserves etc.

Module 10: Procurement Management

    • Quiz on Risk management
    • Plan Procurement – How will the procurement of a project be happened? Diverse contract types, make or buy decisions, Procurement SOW, Identify selection criteria
    • PTA calculation
    • Conduct Procurement – Bidders conference, negotiations, proposal evaluations and Select sellers
    • Control Procurement – Evaluate procurement performance, Claims administration etc.
    • Close Procurement – Conduct procurement audits, negotiate and settle claims and disputes and close procurement contracts.

Module 11: Stakeholder Management 

    • Identify Stakeholder – Identify stakeholder and create Stakeholder Register, Identify interest and power of the diverse stakeholders
    • Plan Stakeholder Engagement – Plan for managing the relevant stakeholders as per the identification and analysis of their interest and influence
    • Manage Stakeholder Engagement – Manage engagements and the relevant stakeholder
    • Monitor Stakeholder engagement– Control stakeholder engagement through necessary information distribution and performance reporting

Module 12: Concluding session

    • How to apply for the certification exam and sample excel file preparation for experience write up
    • Mock Exam

Trainer: Md. Ruhul Islam

Seasoned program and project management professional possessing more than 13 years of experience in IT, Telco and Software industry with exceptional record of managing diverse complex programs and projects to achieve strategic objectives. Proven success in managing programs and projects for world leading organizations (BRAC Bank, Accenture, Telenor, Ericsson, Alcatel, GP, ROBI, Airtel etc.) in the areas of IT Systems Integration, IT Infrastructure Implementation, Application Development, Green Power Implementation, and Telco Network Planning & Implementation. Recognized capability to increase productivity, while effectively managing and leading large teams of diverse skillset. Special expertise in detailed planning of large Programs/projects, husbandry of resources and communicating with all level of stakeholders through the excellent presentation and communication skills. Focused on Strategic Planning, Program/Project Management, Business Development, Stakeholder Management, Budget & Finance Management, Process Improvement and Quality Assurance. Working as a successful professional project management coach and trainer for last 2.5 years

Professional Experience:

Training & Consulting:
2015 –Present -Lead PMP Trainer –Leads Training and Consulting Ltd.
2015 –2016 –PMP Trainer –Global Skill Development Agency
2013 –2015 –Management & IT Consultant –Visa Thing Ltd.

Work Experience:

2017 –Present Senior Manager(FAVP), Application Development and ERP Support–BRAC Bank Ltd.
2017 –Present Lead Consultant, Business Analysis and Delivery Management –Wipro
2015 –2017 Program Manager/Sr. Project Manager –Accenture
2013 –2015 Project Manager –Accenture
2011 –2013 Project Manager –B G Interactive Ltd. (bGlobal SourcingLLC)
2008 –2011 Technical Project Manager–Unitech Telecom Service Provider
2007 –2008 Project Coordinator –Mavericks’Solution
2006 –2007 System Engineer –Mavericks’ Solution


Conducted 15 Batches of PMP Exam Preparation Course of 40 hours for audiences from diversefields.
Developed custom QMS for Accenture Bangladesh
Played Quality auditor role for Accenture Bangladesh
Delivered $7M SI Programs.
Delivered $5M App Development Projects.
Delivered $4M App Infra projects.
Delivered $3.5M mobile & web app Projects.
Delivered $2M Enterprise projects.
Delivered $10M Network Imp. Projects.
Delivered $18M diverse product supply projects


Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI, USA
PRINCE2 Practitioner, Axelos, UK
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Scrum Alliance, USA
COBIT Foundation, APMG International.

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