IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions


Internet of Things on Business & Our Offerings

Device which is connected in the internet, collects and shares numerous numbers of data with each other can generally refers as the Internet of Things. From the size of Airbus A380 is to the size of the small pills, no matter what is the size of the objects, it’s possible to make everything is a part of the Internet of Things. World is getting more smarter and more responsive by combing internet and physical device. Device can interact with each other without getting any types of human interaction. A prediction refers that the actual number of devices will be 41.6 billion within 2025 will be inter connected with each other which represents the opportunity and the future flourishment of Internet of Things.

Implementation of different sensors helps to collect real time data and do analysis which brings the more response in the production system. Internet of Things can predict and do the performance analysis which helps higher authority to review their plan. LEADS offers the following types of Internet of Things services for the customer:

Generalized IoT Products

Agriculture monitoring system is the generalized product of LEADS Digital Innovation Department. Agriculture monitoring system enables some specific feature which are as follows:

  • Determine the Soil Temperature
  • Real time Temperature and Humidity Data from the Surrounding Area
  • Auto Irrigation
  • Determine the Moisture level of the Soil

Industry Based Product

Smart Manufacturing

One of the latest technologies in the field of manufacturing is the Smart Manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing is the combination of the Machinery which connected through the internet and it’s used for monitoring and controlling manufacturing. By implementing different embedded sensors, sensors collect data which indicates operational status and performance of the machine. For the manufacturing industry LEADS has the Smart Manufacturing System Which Reduces:

  • Machine Downtime
  • Wastage of Raw Goods
  • Energy Consumption
  • Maintenance Cost

On the other hand, Smart Manufacturing System Increases:

  • Efficiency
  • Machine Utilization

Smart Warehousing

Warehouse generally consists of different components. Automation of different warehouse components by using technologies enables an automated warehouse. Productivity and the efficiency of the warehouse is increased while human resource and their error is decreased by Smart Warehousing. Having the option of Agility and Scalability this can enables a better management of Smart Warehouse. LEADS Smart Warehouse reduce wastage and picking errors which helps company to gain more profit from the same resource. Smart Warehousing which LEADS provide has the following options:

  • Real time Monitoring & Tracking
  • Accurate Identification of the Product
  • Real time Asset Movement & Current Stock Status

Environment Monitoring System

The solution for real time remote environment monitoring for enterprise which will allow organization to monitor and check the threshold level of critical environmental parameter that will help reducing environment pollution, occupational diseases, industry accident etc. The monitoring device contains a microcontroller, SIM based data connectivity and various environmental sensor. It will provide environmental condition of:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide)
  • CH4 (Methane)
  • Smoke
  • Air Quality (PPM Level)
  • Dust Concentration

Dashboard for Environment Monitoring

For monitoring the whole system, a Dashboard will be provided which shows:

  • Real time graphical view of individual environmental element
  • Summary view of all environmental gases
  • Ratio of different environmental gases
  • Weekly, monthly, historical report as required
  • Real time indication if any threshold level is crossed.