Financial Mobile App

TouchPOINT mobile application is the singular service point that can accelerate the whole financial experience for the customers within their fingertip. We realize the concurrent trends & needs of modern banking services associated with smartphones and smart devices. Being a player in the core banking software service industry, we are more than delighted to offer TouchPOINT to sophisticated Banks, as your one, for further improvisation of existing Banking services to the mass level. The app is available on both iOS and Android. 

  • Customer ID
  • Customer Name
  • Customer’s Photo
  • Customer’s Signature
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Customer’s Date of Birth
  • Residential Address
  • Mobile No
  • NID
  • TIN
  • Email
  • List of Bank Accounts
  • Bank A/C Details. It includes followings:
    • Balance Details
    • Interest Details
    • Cheque Book Details
    • Transaction History Details

Balance details Tab includes following data:

  • Current Balance
  • Unclear Amount
  • Blocked Amount
  • Hold Amount
  • Lien Amount
  • Pending Authorization Credit (Cr)
  • Pending Authorization Debit (Dr)
  • Available Balance

Interest details Tab includes following data:

  • Currency
  • Accrued Amount to the Month
  • Accumulated Interest
  • Total Interest
  • Interest Rate
  • Last Calculation Data
  • Last Capitalization Date

Cheque Book detail Tab includes following data:

  • List of transactions by cheque
  • Cheque issue date
  • Start Leaf
  • End Leaf
  • Total Leaf
  • Used Leaf
  • Cheque leaf no.
  • Amount of BDT in cheque transaction

Transaction History Tab includes the following data:

  • List of last 50 transactions
  • Transaction Type (Withdraw or Deposit)
  • Balance
  • Particulars
  • Printing Receipt
  • From A/C and To A/C
  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Date
  • If Transaction done in Cheque, Cheque No.
  • Balance Transfer to own Bank A/C
  • Balance Transfer to other Bank A/C
  • Payment to other local Banks’ A/C
  • Selection of Transaction Amount
  • Selecting Bank from a List of Other Banks in Alphabetic Order
  • Selection of own A/C from List of own accounts
  • Transaction Preview & Approval
  • Loan Installment Payment from Current/Saving A/C to Loan A/C
  • Show Delay Payment Charges
  • Notification for A/C Transactional Activities like:
    • Cash withdrawal from ATM
    • Cash deposit to the A/C
    • Interest/charge is deducted
    • DPS installment is transferred from A/C
    • Fund transfer from one A/C to other A/C
  • Notification if interest rate changes for DPS/Loan products
  • New offer arrival notification
  • Bank’s Important News Alerts like:
    • A new branch is opening up in X place
    • Additional 25 ATM booth is set in the city
    • Bank is going to donate Y amount of money to ABCD charity fund etc.

TouchPOINT optimizes the location services for users who will be searching any station related to Banking services by auto identification of existing Banking stations like:

  • ATM of own bank around the users
  • Nearby Bank branch offices of own Bank
  • Searching any ATM booth or Branch office in a specific region/area
  • Searching any other places
  • Showing route to reach over to a specific place

Mobile Balance recharge of all operators in Bangladesh.

Customer can pay by scanning QR of enlisted Merchants.

Users of TouchPOINT will be able to leave requests to banks for followings:

  • Cheque stopping
  • Cheque book order
  • Request for Bank statement
  • Residential address change request etc.


While requesting for cheque stopping, customer will be able to put following data/information:

  • Start cheque leaf no.
  • End cheque leaf no.
  • Cheque pre-fix
  • Cheque amount
  • Cheque issued date (selectable from auto calendar)
  • Reason for cheque stopping
  • View Bank’s product/service offerings
  • See detail of product/services offerings & eligibility criteria
  • Apply for any product/service package.
  • Fees for sharing ATM booths
  • ATM condition- in service/out of service
  • Market open & closing date & time
  • Area wise weekly market closing date etc.
  • Bank’s Announcements and latest news
  • Mobile Bill Payment
    • Grameenphone (postpaid)
      • Bill for GP ADV, OTH, BILL, SD, SIM
    • Banglalink (postpaid)
      • Bill for BLINK ADV, OTH, BILL, SD, SIM
  • Electricity Bill
    • DESCO (Customer ID, Date, Amount etc.)
    • DPDC (ID, Date, Amount etc.)
  • Water Bill
    • WASA
  • BRAC University
  • North South University

    • Select student ID
    • Put Payment Slip no.
    • Select Service Type
    • Put Amount
    • Verify Before Payment
    • Confirm Payment
    • Recheck Available Balance in the A/C

TouchPOINT allows users to leave necessary instruction to banks for anything related to banking services like:

  • Balance Transfer Instruction on a specific date, specific account
  • Monthly Loan installment payment instruction
  • Monthly Credit card bill payment instruction
  • Any other instruction, if needed


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