Life Insurance Solution

Life Insurance Solution



InsurSoft is a complete integrated & web-enabled online life insurance solution. The product incorporates all functionalities necessary for business processes as well as financial management, investment insurance and other life insurance product management. InsurSoft is the market leader of local life insurance industry holding the highest number of local life installations in Bangladesh.


Financial Associates Management System (FAMS)
Accounts Integrated
Web Enabled Application
N-tier Architecture
24/7 Service Availability
Full Audit Trail
Capable to Handle Millions of Data
Role Based Access Control


New Business
- Proposal Information
- Product Information
- Supplementary product and benefit information
- Rebate & Extra Information
- Premium Information
- Client Information
- Confidential Report
- Required Document Capture
- First Premium Collection
- Underwriter assignment
- Life standard class assessment
- Lien/Clause Impose
- Underwriter decision capturing
Policy Issue & Record
- Policy number generation
- Policy number assignment
- Risk date assignment
- Stamp Inventory management
- Stamp Assignment
- FA Commission Calculation
- FA Bill Generation and Disbursement
- Development Employee (UM, BM) Commission Calculation
- Development Employee (UM, BM) Generation and Disbursement
- Bill Payment - Cheque Write, Issue, and Disbursement
- Policy Schedule management (First Schedule and Duplicate Schedule)
- Demand notice preparation
- Lapse period circular
- Grace period circular
- Bonus circular
- Policy Holder reminder notice
- Document collection for policy revival
- Collection Adjustment
- Provide the policy information to the policyholder
- Waiver circular
- Policy Bonus Calculation (Reversionary and Interim Bonus)
Policy Loan
- Loan issue
- Loan Recovery
- Surrender Nirbahi Rashid (NR)
- Surrender settlement
- Surrender register
- Re-Insurable policy Underwriting
- Cession number assignment
- Re-Insurance payment
- Re-Insurance Claim
Group Insurance
- Group Proposal Information
- Group Proposal Underwriting
- Group premium Collection
- Group Commissioning
- Group Claim
- Renew Group Insurance
- Change Address
- Change Client
- Client Name Correction
- Policy Revival
- Special Revival
Claim Payment
- Survival Claim Payment
- Maturity Claim Payment
- Monthly Pension Payment
- Pension Commutation (50% or 100%) Payment
- Advance Claim Payment
- Death Claim Payment
- Accidental Claim Payment
- Hospitalization Claim Payment
- Claim Approval Authorization
- Claim Calculation and Approval
- Claim Payment - Cheque Preparing, Issue, and Disbursement
General Accounting System
- Chart of accounts
- Accounts integration with all listed module
- Bank accounts set up
- Miscellaneous Payment & Collection
- Fund Transfer
- Fund Collection
- Bank Reconciliation
- Cheque writing & Printing
- Year Opening
- Year Closing
- Monitoring and reporting
Management Information System
- Business Statistical report
- Collection statistical report
- Payment statistical report
- Product statistical report
Agent Management System
- Financial Associates (FA) Profile
- Employer of FA (UM, BM, BC, DC, RC, DVC, and CC) Profile
- FA Licensing
- FA Organogram
- Office and employee-wise targets define
- Employee Transfer management
- Required policy information for valuation
Office Management System
- Office rent Agreement
- Office Rent Payment
- Office Organogram