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Loan Appraisal Solution

Loan Appraisal System

FrontMoney is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for automotive loan appraisal, from electronic application capture through efficient credit processing, funding verification, validation and booking of new loans and leases. FrontMoney can lower processing costs without sacrificing quality for quantity. It assures a fast and efficient origination process, enforces process compliance, mitigates risk and promotes profitable growth within an auto lending organization. It has a complete set of tools for any aspect of loan business, 24/7 support and End-to-End lending process.

Features & Benefits
  • Optimizes risk-to-price profiles
  • Enforces automated workflow
  • Provides application acceptance, routing and queuing
  • Automates policy enforcement
  • Supports loans, leases & Credit Cards
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Has normalized Credit Information Bureau (CIB) views
  • Digital file management
  • Analyzes total loan and lease exposure
Contact Information
Contact Information