Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman


The geographical territory that is now known as Bangladesh missed the Industrial Revolution of the second half of the eighteenth century, because we had neither the far-sightedness to understand the benefits that the revolution brought, nor the resources to invest in the new technologies. The Twentieth Century brought about a new Revolution; Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Although we were not quite prepared for the changes & challenges of the new Revolution, it did not take us long to leap frog and catch up with the rest of the World. Today Bangladesh is a recognized player in the global IT/ITES market.

Despite some problems relating to Infra-structure and country branding, Bangladesh ICT Industry has a great potential, due mainly to the existence of a pool of young educated workforce, their eagerness to stay current with the technological innovations, flexibility to scale up production capacity at short notices, and its inherent cost advantage.

Since 1992 LEADS has been playing a pioneering role in creating products and offering services to suit the requirements of its customers, both domestic and overseas, and keeping itself updated with new technologies all the time. This has been possible because our Associates are committed to improving their operational efficiencies on a continuous basis, and differentiating itself in the market place through customer focused innovation in products and services, so as to build a stronger and sustainable future for the Company.

The company is committed to carry through its MISSION and VISION. The Associates believe in agreed set of CORE VALUES, and hold those close to their hearts.

Mr. Shaikh Abdul Aziz