Digital Onboarding & E-KYC Solution


LEADS E-KYC and digital onboarding solution VerifID is the new way to onboard new customers in a safer, easier and cost effective way. The solution is developed with state-of-the-art technologies like image matching, optical character recognizing, live picture, AI, natural language processing etc. Customer just need his or her NID, few minutes time to complete the KYC process. It can be done both by the customer himself or assisted by organization agent or officials.

VerifID can be interfaced with any solution like CBS, ERP, Insurance Solution, Merchant Bank Solution, Internet Banking, Mobile App etc. Also it can be accessed via web or mobile app version by organizations own users for assisted E-KYC. The solution is compliant with BFIU circular.

It has 2 KYC options.

  1. Simplified E-KYC
  2. Regular and Enhanced E-KYC


Features of VerifID
  • Contact verification (Mobile, Email)
  • OCR Based NID and Smartcard data capture
  • Data verify with NID server
  • Face matching with NID
  • Finger matching with NID server
  • AI based Live Photo Capture
  • Sanction Screening
  • Customer Risk Grading
  • Digital KYC profiler
  • SMS and Email integration
  • Dashboard
  • Admin panel with configurable features
  • Integration with different systems (CBS, ABS, MFS etc.)
Organizations who can use VerifID E-KYC solution to onboard new customers:
  • Bank
  • Non-Banking Financial Institute
  • Security Market
  • Insurance
  • MFS
  • Fintech
Customers - Bank
Customers - NBFI
Contact Information
Contact Information