Pharmaceutical ERP

Pharmaceutical ERP
Pharmaceutical ERP
Features of CenterPoint
  • Production Operational Process Management
  • Procurement, Inventory Management & Consumption Tracking
  • Sales Operation, Distribution & promotions handling
  • Sales Returns, Refunds and Store Credit
  • Delivery & Transport Management
  • End-to-End traceability, starting from raw materials to finished products.
  • Loyalty Management
  • Integrated Financial Accounting & Human Resource Management
  • MIS Reporting & Customize Reporting Tools Integration
  • Multi User login & Roll based access
How CenterPoint Benefits Pharmaceutical Industry?
  • Reduces Operating Cost by making flexibility
  • Insight for accurate forecasting Business Decision
  • Meeting Customer Expectations through Real-time data
  • Improved Production Planning and Resource Manaagement
  • Improved Productivity & Organizational Collaboration
  • Streamlined tedious tasks and Redundant processes
Contact Information
Contact Information