Web Development With Java Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM

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Start Date: 30 September, 2022
Time: Saturday (7 PM – 10 PM)
Duration: 60 Hrs

Course Fee: 10,000 TK

Contact: 01811448063, 01847179477


Trainer: Engr. Md. Abdul  Momin [View Profile]

Class No Description/ Coverage Area
Class 01-02 Ice breaking and discussion regarding Java Basics and Core Java which is essential for Spring Framework.
Class 03-05 Important J2EE  topics which is essential  for Java Spring  Framework
Class 06-07 Fundamental of Spring Framework
Class 08 Spring Core Module and IoC
Class 09 Spring Bean Auto Wiring
Class 10 Dependency Injection and Factory  pattern
Class 11-12 Spring Web MVC and MAVEN
Class 13-14  Introduction to SQL , JPA and Hibernate
Class 15 Project with Spring and Hibernate
Class (16-17) Introduction to  Spring Boot with Example Program
Class 18 Introduction to Spring Security
Class 19-20 Project With Spring MVC , Spring Boot , Spring Boot REST API and Spring Security

Course Outline:

Core Java which is essential for Java Spring Framework.

  • Basics of  class and object.
  • Working with Methods and Encapsulation
  • Working with Inheritance
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Java Class Design
  • Object-Oriented Design Principles
  • Generics and Collections
  • Annotation

 Important J2EE  topics which is essential  for Java Spring  Framework

  • Introduction to web application and Java Web Application
  • Basics of Apache Tomcat Web Server  and WEB Service.
  • Introduction to HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, AJAX, JSON
  • Servlet and JSP basics.
  • Introduction to JSTL
  • Introduction of Servlet Filter.

Fundamental of Spring Framework

  • What is spring and benefits of spring.
  • Spring bean Scope.
  • Spring Module
  • What is spring good for?
  • Quick Steps to spring application.

Spring Core Module and IoC

  • Tight coupling between
  • Loose coupling between objects
  • Dependency Injection(DI).
  • Types of DI.
  • Spring framework installation and Spring hello world program
  • Spring DI in Object form.

 Spring Bean Autowiring

  • What is Autowiring?
  • Autowiring by name.
  • Other Autowiring.
  • Autowiring example Program.

Injection and Factory Design pattern.

  • Factory design pattern explanation.
  • Factory design pattern example.
  • DI design pattern explanation.
  • DI design pattern example.

Spring Web MVC and MAVEN

  • MVC design pattern.
  • Detail of MVC pattern.
  • Detail of Dispatcher Servlet and Handler Mapping.
  • Important annotation used in spring framework.
  • Introduction to MAVEN.

 Introduction to  SQL , JPA and Hibernate

  • Introduction to SQL and its operation.
  • Introduction to JPA.
  • Function and Advantage of JPA.
  • What id ORM and Hihernate.
  • Why we use Hibernate?

Project with Spring MVC and Hibernate ORM.

  • Create project with Spring MVC.
  • Configure Hibernate ORM with Oracle Database.
  • Execute CRUD operation with the project.

Introduction to Spring Boot with Example program.

  • What is Spring Boot? Advantage of Spring Boot.
  • Feature of Spring Boot.
  • Spring Boot vs. spring and Spring MVC.
  • Spring Boot architecture and Example Program.

Introduction to Spring Security

  • Telescoping Constructor.
  • Builder Design Pattern.
  • Introduction to Spring Security.
  • Advantage of Spring Security.

  Project  with  Spring MVC, Spring Boot , Spring Boot RESTfull API and Spring Security

  • Spring MVC project with Spring Security
  • Spring Boot project with spring security
  • Spring Boot RESTfull API.
  • Overall Discussion.