Online Live Training: Graphics Design for Freelancing

3,000.00 ৳ 

Start Date: 12 August , 2023
Time: Saturday, Monday & Wednesday  (8.00 PM –10.00 PM)
Duration: 48 Hrs,
Total Classes: 24
Contact: 01811448063, 01847179477


Trainer: Md.Raihanul Islam  [View Profile]

Course  Goal:

After completion of this course the participants will be able to-

  • Acquire the basic concepts and skills on Graphic Design.
  • Develop skill on Designing and Developing Graphical Design.
  • Apply the Combination of various standard Graphic Design software.
  • Develop skill on practical print media & entry idea electronic media.
  • Solve the problems on design related activities.
  • Acquire the concepts of business and communicative English.
  • Earn money through freelance marketplaces.

Who Can Join: Basic Knowledge in Computer.


Day Main Topics Details
Day-01 Introduction to Graphic Design and different tools of Photoshop Introducing with Graphic Design Different design tools: Photoshop Photoshop interface overview Screen Mode

Zoom in & Out Document Setup Document Pan

Color Apply Selection Basic

Day-02 Basic knowledge of layer (Photoshop) Understanding what a layer is

Changing the opacity & Fill Opacity of a layer Changing the stacking order/ Arrange

Turning the visibility of layers on and off Deleting /Duplicating /Aligning /Group Layer Layer Lock/Lock Transparent Pixel

Layer Mask and Clipping Mask Blending Option

Clipping Mask

Filter – Type, Object etc Practice with project

Day-03 Adding and transforming images (Photoshop) How to add an image to a blank canvas.

The transform tool – Ctrl + T – Free Transform Understanding the importance of modifiers.

Keys in every tool: Shift, Alt, and Control. Multiple Undo’s with The History Panel.

An Introduction to the Rectangular Marquee Tool, fixed size, move when creating selection, make center using Alt Key.

Elliptical Rectangular Marquee Tool

Using Marquee to remove and fill color, Copy Area. Marquee deselects, border, expand,

smooth, contract, Feather.

Day-04 Smart Objects vs Normal Layers (Photoshop) Smart Objects vs. Regular Layers.

Moving Images from one canvas to another. Shape Tool.

Creating Smart Objects. Creating Normal Layers.

Convert to Smart Object by right clicking in layer palette and pressing Convert to Smart Object.

Convert to Normal Layer by right clicking in layer palette and pressing Rasterize.

Ctrl ~ – on a Mac to switch between different canvases.

Ctrl Shift Tab – on a PC to switch between different canvases.

Ctrl Alt Z – Step Back in History Window (aka Multiple Undo’s at once).

Redesign small part of web page.

Day-05 Retouching & removing (Photoshop) Healing Brush. Beauty Retouching.

Practice with project on background/foreground remove Crop Tool.

Remove a Person from a scene. Add In a Person in a scene.

Image Size increase make finish cutout part of content.


Day-06 Color Correction (Photoshop) An introduction to Color Correction. Color Adjustment Layers.

The Properties Panel.

Hue/Saturation. Color Balance. Brightness/Contrast.

Day-07 Class projects Design a social media banner design
Day-08 Image Enhancement and Manipulation) (Photoshop) Introduction to Re-touch tools and technique Basic Stamping Tool

Creating a Good Image Lips & Hair Color Design Editing Techniques

Day-09 Photo Editing Practice with Project on Photo Editing

Practice with project using Pen tool.

Day-10 Banner Design



Poster Design Flyer Design


Cover Photo Design for any Social Media Project work on Banner Design

Day-11 Template for Web design Introduction to web layouts

Basics of creating a PSD web layout


Different elements of a website PSD template Document size and setup for website  templates


Day-12 Project work on Marketplace Work based on Marketplace Performing in Marketplace

Create Account on fiverr

Day-13 Project-based work in Marketplace Live Project Work based on Marketplace Performing in Marketplace
Day-14 Different Tools of Illustrator  Different tools of Illustrator.

Introduction of illustrator workspace.

Transform Again using for repeat process

How to Average Path

How to Outline Stroke

How to Offset Path (For make safe content)             Add/remove Anchor point

Divide object Below Clean up


Day-15 Visiting Card Design (Illustrator) Business Card Design

Personal Branding Card Design


Project based work of previous day

Day-16 Logo Design for Illustrator Text Based Logo Symbol Based Logo

Logo Design idea

Font & Name Base Logo Design Name & Design Base Logo Design


Text + Symbol Based Logo

Day-17 Flyer Design (Illustrator) Flyer Design

Corporate Flyer Design Personal Branding Design

Day-18 Website banner Design (Illustrator) Create website banner design using illustrator.
Day-19 T-shirt Design (Illustrator) T-shirt design Using essential tools.
Day-20 Marketplace Research Fiverr, Freelancer, UPwork, 99design
Day-21 Fiverr Gig Publish Fiverr gig publish Secrete

Fiverr Gig Publish with your expertise

Day-22 Project-based work in Marketplace Live Project Work based on Marketplace Performing in Marketplace
Day-23 Freelancer account Account create on freelancer market
Day-24 Portfolio create How to Become a successful designer.

How to Become pro designer/ Expert designer.