RTGS Management


LEADS’ Plug-B is a specifically designed RTGS Management platform to meet and exceed the standard required by today’s Central Banks for Real-Time-Gross-Settlement processing. The Plug-B solution handles very high volumes of large-value domestic payments and combines efficiency and reliability of service with sound position maintenance and intraday liquidity management facilities.

RTGS is an electronic inter-bank transactions settlement system where transfer of funds or securities take place from one bank to another on a `real time’ and on `gross’ basis. Bangladesh Bank has taken initiative to introduce RTGS system (BB-RTGS) in the country. All the schedule banks are required to take necessary preparation(s) to perform live transaction over BB-RTGS system. BB-RTGS will use MX (ISO 20022) message format for data exchange between central bank’s system and participating bank’s system.

Key takeaways
  • Works as a Message processor the system supports message formats (MX, ISO 20022) guided by Bangladesh Bank for data exchange between central bank’s system and participating bank’s system.
  • Easy integration with all bank applications using various protocols (e.g. Web-service, ISO 20022, or file exchange)
  • Auto validation and return facility
  • Inter Bank Money transfer system
  • No waiting period- settled immediately
  • All transaction reflected in central bank account
  • Bulk upload option using Browser based Interface
  • Control liquidity on bank defined policy
  • User alert message in case available liquidity falls below specified level.
  • SMS alert notification of customer payments.
PlugB Transactions
  • Interbank Transactions
    • Money Market Transactions
    • (Govt.) Security Transactions
    • Domestic Forex. Transactions
  • Settlement files from other DNSs
  • Customer Transactions:
    • C2C, C2B, C2P


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