Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Virtual Office – Work From Anywhere

Thinking about managing your office remotely?

With the major COVID-19 crisis, sweeping the globe, businesses are adjusting to operating virtually and evaluating future remote business practices. For employees to access business systems and remain effective, they require a secure virtual environment that can be rapidly implemented.  Virtual Office

Experts suggests that we will never come back to our original “normal”. There will be “New Normal” that we all need to get used to. After COVID-19 is over, we would see significant economic hardship. All businesses need to recognize that fact and plan accordingly, if they want to survive and continue with their business. In the Western World companies are going virtual for several years now, because of the increase in facilities cost (Office rent, utilities etc.). Now COVID-19 is forcing us to take similar action in Bangladesh. 

In this regard, LEADS Corporation Limited is here to help businesses with a new consulting service called “Virtual Office” for quickly deploying highly secure virtual environment.

The benefits of adopting “Virtual Office” includes but not limited to:

  • Increase productivity by adopting flexible working
  • Increase employee efficiency and decrease hassle by reduction of daily commute
  • Retain and attract talents
  • Increase employee morale
  • Decrease facilities cost

How we can help our clients?

  • Our pools of experienced consultants are ready to assess client’s system and provide consultancy support in adopting virtual office as per their need.
  • Support in implementing the virtual environment online or onsite depending on customers’ needs
  • Providing solutions for all associates so that they can access all systems virtually from anywhere and work remotely.


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