Remittance Management System

Remittance Management System

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Pro Remit is a comprehensive solution to manage both origination and distribution of remittance. The system is designed to handle both types of requests and establish a common ground for disbursement portion. Main objective of Pro-Remit is to manage foreign remittance. The open architecture and the open standards simplify integration with other financial systems. Since the system is Microsoft .Net based, it can run on a wide choice of hardware and Operating Systems, and can be implemented, maintained and when necessary enhanced with efficiency. The software architecture allows for maximum hardware platform independence that benefits the overall Remittance interface solution from both a cost and a reliability perspective.

The modern architecture and flexible tools of the Pro-Remit (Remittance Management Solution) makes it easier to optimize the collection & disbursement of remittance, Correction of wrong data, Reconciliation, etc. The solution’s various algorithms help user to identify and correct the wrong data.


Platform Independent
Web Interface
Highly Flexible through extensive parameter
Both Real-time (API based) and File-based transaction
Dynamic File Mapping
Cover Fund Management (Nostro to FC transfer, NRDA/FC to NRTA Transfer)
Remittance Collection through Exchange House
Disbursement by Fund Transfer through BEFTN/RTGS/NPSB/MFS (bKash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay)
Cash Disbursement through Branch/Sub-Branch/Agent/Sub-Agent
Both Govt. and Bank Incentive Disbursement where applicable
Integration with Exchange House Systems
Third Party System Integration
Self-Learning capability
High Scalability & Availability
Comprehensive Audit Trail