Digital Financial Solution

Digital Financial Solution



The way people do banking has been changing dramatically. To make the most out of recent technological innovation CloudNet is looking even further. This next generation digital financial platform opening up the financial services like never before yet keeping it completely secured and rooted to core banking practices. CloudNet brings all digital channels of financial services under one roof; be it for individual customers or corporate customers. More interestingly this does not allow customers only to use the app to avail services on the go; rather it even smooths the services that requires customer in person visit to NBFI (example: Cash withdrawal from Branch/ATM using QR and more). This shall even go beyond financing and become a digital financial adviser by providing financial information and trends at fingertips via Dashboard for better financial management.

Broad Level Service Channels

Mobile App (Android, IOS)
Digital Onboarding & E-KYC
Financial Chatbot

Web Access

Web based access to iFinancing shall allow users to access the responsive website from Laptop, PC, Tab or mobile browsers and take all the services with industry standard security measures. Furthermore, for corporate customers Web version shall provide exclusive array of services with multilevel internal approval mechanism.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access via Android or iOs app shall provide smooth user experience and bring all necessary services on the go. Mobile app shall communicate with central database complying all security protocols including multi factor authentication, device reputation checks etc. Mobile app also shall allow user to get auxiliary services like map direction to nearest Bank location, raising service ticket, directly calling helpline etc.


Wallet is a virtual account which can be used for doing small transactions, transfers, bill payments, purchases. It can be connected to CFS account. The Wallet feature of CloudNet shall provide customers the freedom to add money from own or other financial accounts and cards. This feature shall ease up the payments for Utility, Shopping, Online Shopping, TopUp, Card Bill pays, peer to peer fund transfer, QR based transactions.

Digital Onboarding & E-KYC

The journey of CloudNet Digital Banking shall start from this feature where customer can open an account being at his comfort at home, office or even on the move. System shall comply with e-KYC guideline of central bank and use latest technologies like Image Matching, Live Picture Capture, OCR to do the processing and validation with government database. Account opening and management was never been easier for both customer and NBFI.

Financial Chatbot

Chatbot feature of CloudNet shall work as personal financial assistant for customers providing information with natural conversation style. This uses state of the art NLP to process the communication. It relieves both customer and NBFI from human phone call and costs related to that.

Features of Chatbot

Contextual Understanding
Self-Learning Abilities
Predictive in Nature
Human and Personalized Approach
2FA Authentication Enabled

Benefits of Chatbot

24×7 Customer Service
Unlock Value in Data
Facilitate Lead Generation
Tool for Automation
Reduce Operational Cost
Corporate Branding