Beginner to Intermediate-Android App Development With JAVA

6,500.00 ৳ 

Start Date: 22 September, 2023
Time: Friday, Saturday (06:00 PM – 09:00 PM)
Duration: 40 Hours
Course Fee: 8,000 TK (Excluding VAT & TAX)
Contact: 01847179477, 01811448063


Trainer: Engr. Md. Moudud Hassan [View Profile]

Pre-requirements for this course:

Experience of at least 1 (one) years in java programming

Training Scope

  • Introduction & Environment Setup including Emulator-Android Virtual Device
  • Android Stack [Android Stack, Stack Overview, Applications, Application Framework, Native Libraries, Dalvik, Linux Kernel]
  • Main Building Block Main Building Blocks, Activities, Activity Life Cycle, Intents, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast, receivers
  • Activities & Intents [Creating an Activities, Declaring Activities in the manifest, Starting an Activity, Starting an Activity for Result, Shutting down an Activity, Intent Object, Intent Resolution, Intent Filter]
  • Basic User Interfaces and using UI resources
  • Android Manifest and Project Selection
  • Services [Basics, Declaring a Service in the manifest, creating a Service, Starting a Service, Stopping a Service, Creating Bound Service, Sending Notification to User, Running Service in the Foreground, Managing the Life cycle of a Service]
  • Data Storage [Shared Preferences, internal Storage, External Storage, SQL it Database, Store on Web Debugging & Testing
  • Networking & Web services
  • Content Provider Basics, Creating a Content Provider, Experimenting a default Content Provider
  • Telephony background and terms, Accessing telephony information, Interaction with the phone Working with messaging SMS
  • Sessions & Project Review
  • Multimedia & Camera Media playback, Jet Player – Play Audio & Video, Camera, Audio Capture
  • Process & Threads [Foreground Process, Visible Process, Service Process, Background Process, Empty
  • Process, Worker Threads, Thread Safe Method, Interposes Communication]
  • Sensor overview, Motion Sensors, Position Sensors, Environment Sensors
  • Location & Maps Services, Obtaining User Location, Integrating Google Map
  • Accessing REST full Services [RES, DOM Parsing, SAX Parsing, JSON Parsing, Using Spring]
  • Project Review & Remarking.